Proudly serving the baking industry for over 14 years

Millers Foods are 100% Australian owned and operated. Our flour mill in Byford has been servicing the needs of the baking industry across Western Australia since 1999.

How do we ensure consistent standards of excellence in our flour production?

As a starting point, our long standing relationships with grain growers means we source the best possible raw ingredients. And secondly ... our expertise in gristing and our strict quality control measures means the flour and baking ingredients we produce are of a guaranteed quality.

Our range of baking products include:

  • Flours - white, rye, wholemeal and organic
  • Meals and Grains
  • Bread and Cakes Premixes
  • Baking ingredients

We have extended our range and service to include direct supply of specialty Pizza Flours and Ingredients to the Western Australia's Pizza outlets

The range of specialty Pizza Flour products includes:

  • Pizzerria Italiano Blend - specifically formulated for strength and tolerance in Pizza dough
  • Pizza Flour - 11% protein, manufactured to strict specifications
  • Strong Pizza Flour - 12% protein for when extra strength is required
  • Ask our technical support about purpose blends to suit the needs of your business

We also offer technical support to help you make the best Pizza dough possible.

Millers Foods are now stocking the MOI range of Pastry Margarines, Shortenings and Oil for your convenience.

The advantages of purchasing Fats and Oils along with your Flour include:

  • Technical Support. As always our technical team are happy to offer "in Bakery" technical support to ensure that you get the result that you want from both the Flour and Fats that we supply.
  • Convenience. 2 of your biggest volume purchases arrive at the same time on the same truck. 1 invoice.
  • Great pricing.

Millers Foods are driven by our commitment to provide exceptional baking products and services to commercial and home bakers

Baking News

Folate and Iodised Salt addition to flour from September 2009.

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