Our Heritage

Doing the hard things better ... 14 years on and we're still going strong.

Millers Foods began its operations on 12 July 1999, after a management buyout of what was previously the Defiance flour mill in Byford, about 30 kilometres south of Perth.

As a relatively small producer competing in a market dominated by large food conglomerates, we determined that we would only succeed if we "did the hard things better" than our competitors and offered the market a real, independent alternative. This strategy has proven to be highly successful, with more than 13 years of continuous growth and an steadily increasing customer base.

As part of this philosophy we are commited to offering our customers the very best of technical service along with top quality products. Millers Foods sales people are all technically competant and are happy to work along with our customers in their bakeries to achieve solutions tailored to your business needs. Please do not hesitate to ask for technical assistance if you require it.

We manufacture Organic Flour and have HACCP Food Safety Certification.

We produce, package and supply a broad range wholesale products to hot bread shops, patisseries, food manufacturers and wholesale bakeries of all sizes.

Talk to one of our friendly sales staff about how Millers Foods can help you to grow your business ... 08 9550 6666.

Baking News

Folate and Iodised Salt addition to flour from September 2009.

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