Below are our product lines for Wheat Offal Products, Flour, Rye, Meals and Grains, Bread Premix, Cake Mix and other baking ingredients.

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Offal Products

1515 Wheat Offal Pollard 30kg
1520 Wheat Offal Bran 30kg
3722 Wheat Offal Mill Mix 30kg

Flour Products

5180 Flour Self Raising Flour 15kg
5200 Flour Self Raising Flour 25kg
5081 Flour Plain Flour 15kg
5080 Flour Plain Flour 25kg
4942 Flour Pastry Flour 1000 15kg
4940 Flour Pastry Flour 1000 25kg
4100 Flour Bread Flour 1100 15kg
4120 Flour Bread Flour 1100 25kg
4130 Flour Bread Flour Aged 1100 25kg
4140 Flour Bread Flour Aged 1100 15kg
4200 Flour Bread Flour 1200 25kg
4210 Flour Bread Flour Aged 1200 25kg
4872 Flour Organic White Flour 25kg
2645 Flour Euro Semolina 15kg
5260 Flour Sharps


Meals and Grains

1940 Grains Millers Grain Blend 10kg
4874 Flour Organic Wholemeal Flour 25kg
5580 Flour 90% Wholemeal Blend 25kg
2320 Grain Millers Kibbled Wheat 20kg

Rye Products

6485 Flour Millers Rye Flour 20kg
6486 Flour Millers Rye Meal 20kg
3432 Grain Millers Kibbled Rye 20kg

Cake and Bread Premix

5061 Bread Premix Pizza Supreme Premix 15kg
6066 Bread Premix Pizzeria Italiano Blend 25kg
5460 Bread Premix Super Soft Premix 15kg
5480 Bread Premix Super Soft Premix 25kg
4400 Bread Premix Continental Premix 15kg
4300 Bread Premix Bun Premix 15kg
5620 Bread Premix Soft Wholemeal Premix 15kg
5640 Bread Premix Soft Wholemeal Premix 25 kg
5686 Bread Premix 9 Grain and Seed Premix 15kg
5120 Bread Premix Rustic Rye Premix 15kg
5340 Bread Premix Soy `n` Linseed Premix 15kg
4820 Bread Premix Millersbrot Premix 15kg
4740 Bread Premix MultiGrain Premix 15kg
4760 Bread Premix MultiGrain Premix 25 kg
4570 Bread Premix Easter Bun Premix 15kg
4595 Bread Premix Easter Cross Mix 10kg
4680 Cake Mix Gourmet Sponge 10kg
3845 Cake Mix Creme Muffin Mix 10kg
4520 Cake Mix Devon Scone Mix 10kg
4020 Cake Mix Berlin Yeast Donut Mix 10kg
3820 Cake Mix All Star Cake Donut Mix 10kg
4880 Ingredients Pastry Conditioner 10kg
4819 Ingredients Millers Super Improver 10kg
4829 Ingredients Millers SEF Improver 10kg

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3340 HiRatio Cake Fine Tex Flour (High Ratio) 20kg
2900 Ingredients Gluten 25kg
6541 Ingredients Salt Superfine (Iodised) 25kg
7080 Ingredients Castor Sugar 25kg
6980 Ingredients Soya Flour 25kg
7440 Ingredients Wheaten Corn Starch 25kg
5720 Ingredients Hi Tem Skim Milk Powder 25kg
7950 Ingredients Dried Yeast (500g sachets) 10kg

MOI Margarines, Shortenings and Oils

7908 Pastry Margarine E-Puff Medium 10kg
7909 Pastry Margarine E-Puff Hard 10kg
7910 Pastry Margarine Danmax 10kg
7920 Shortening Two in One Medium 15kg
7925 Shortening Two in One Hard 15kg
7930 Cake Margarine Cakemax 15kg
7935 Cake Margarine E-Marg 15kg
7940 Creaming Shortening Creamax 15kg
7945 Bread Shortening Baco 15kg
7950 Frying Shortening Vikor 15kg
7970 Vegetable Oil Canola Oil 20lt
7965 Canola Spray Panola Spray 12 x 400g
7970 Sundry Item Tap for Bakers Oil Box

Baking News

Folate and Iodised Salt addition to flour from September 2009.

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